MSO-HNS Newsletter Volume 14


Salam Sejahtera Rakan Rakan Semua,
It has been a challenging year for all of us during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the Executive Committee member for 2020/2021 term took over, the situation is still vulnerable. We planned for a few physical, face to face activities like our usual GP symposia, Health Camp and ORL Society Retreat, but all have to be cancelled or altered.

Even the Endo KL 2020 was postponed to 2022.

Fortunately, we managed to do several webinar symposia. We have organised a series of webinars in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson on Perfecting Head and Neck Tumour Management on Oral Cavity and Oropharyngeal Tumor (24th June 2020), Laryngeal and Thyroid Tumour (6th August 2020), Nasopharyngeal Tumour (17th September 2020), and Hypopharyngeal Tumor (28th October 2020). The four total rounds had a distinct theme, each focused on tumors of the different anatomical subsite, delivered by the esteemed speakers, followed by several case discussions by the panelists. This online course received an overwhelming response from local and international medical practitioners, with a total number of 1545 participants in all four rounds.

We also modified the GP symposia to online. For this term, three ENT GP updates were held in Penang (17th January 2021), Terengganu (5th March 2021), and Sabah (23rd May 2021). These workshops provided updates on ENT problems, which are commonly seen among GPs and in government clinics. All were conducted online with a good response. There were lot more activities and events that we successfully organised, endorsed, or participated in for 2020/21. Among them are Extraesophageal Manifestation of Reflux: From ENT’s Perspective (13th June 2020), Webinar Invitation: Challenges in Advanced FESS Surgery (17th June 2020), Mylan ENT Series Webinar Rethinking Allergy (4th July 2020), 5th UKM Paediatric Airway Workshop @ Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (14th – 15th July 2020), Medtronic Med Ed ENT Webinar series (3rd September 2020), The Amsterdam-USM Head and Neck Surgical Oncology Working Group (14th October 2020), ASEAN Head & Neck Webinar Ep.5 (30th October 2020). Management Strategies in Early and Late-Stage Head and Neck Cancer (6th – 7th November 2020). Live Webinar: Prevention and Treatment of Hyper and Hypotonicity Post Laryngectomy (16th November 2020), Unlocking the Frontal Sinus by Professor Dr PJ Wormald (19th November 2020), Surgical Techniques and Their Impact on Communication and Hands-Free Speech (28th January 2021). Unmasking the Impact of Antibiotics on Gut Microbiota in ENT Practice (4th February 2021), Laryngology Webinar Series 2021: Benign Causes of Dysphonia (18th February 2021), UITM Robotic Surgery: Game Changing Management in Head & Neck Surgery (9th March 2021), Live Webinars 2021: Voice Prostheses: Adverse Events and Troubleshooting (16th March 2021), Laryngology Webinar Series 2021: Neuro-Laryngology (17th March 2021), Practical Considerations in the Management of Allergic Rhinitis & Urticaria (7th April 2021), Laryngology Webinar Series 2021: Early Glottic Cancer (22nd April 2021), Laryngology Webinar Series 2021: Interventions in Adult Stridor (20th May 2021).

Our final event will be the ASHNO Kuala Lumpur from 3rd to 5th June Since the Government has declared movement control order, we have to switch the conference to fully online.

Lastly, we are glad to serve the Society and our otorhinolaryngologists – head and neck surgeons at all levels, from
the retired practitioners to the aspiring medical officers who wishes to take up ORL-HNS as their carrier. I would like to express my gratitude to all my team, Executive Committee 2020/2021 together with the auditors and College of Surgeon secretariat, Ms Molly Kong, Mr Melvin Raj and Ms Helen Chong for all their help, advice and guidance. We wish the best of luck for the next President of MSOHNS, Dr Ahmad Nordin, and his team. We will continue to support the Society even though we are not in office.

“Salam sejahtera dan sama sama kita melawan pandemik Covids 19”.

Professor Dr Mohd Razif Mohamad Yunus

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