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President’s Message Message From The Outgoing President

Greetings from the desk of the outgoing President. What a whirlwind year it has been. At times it felt like i was being pulled in so many different directions at once. It was challenging yet satisfying.
In the many years that i have been serving in the committee of the MSOHNS culminating in the past year as the President, I have seen our Society grow and adapt according to the current changes going on our area of specialty. For this we are truly indebted to the our founding members, pioneers and pillars of our fraternity. However as things are progressing we have now come to a crossroad and may need a paradigm shift as to the direction we need to move forward to. I am referring here to the formation of the College of Otorhinolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeons and in time the dissolution of the society. This will further strengthen our fraternity and come under a unified body that is the Academy. There are numerous benefits and though the functional structure remains the same, we should stand as one strong unified body if we are to say relevant in tomorrow’s global world.
During my tenure in the past year, the committee has worked tirelessly to try and work for the betterment of all its members. The formation of the Telegram group which now stands at 168 members has made communication and networking among our members much quicker and efficient. With regards to the 13th MMA Fee Schedule, it’s still a work in progress however much has been achieved in the past year especially with regards to
engaging the major Insurance companies and third party MCOs and working a system so as our charges can be streamlined and standardised. In relation to this, there will be challenges faced and it will be a perennial problem so it is my fervent hope that our members will be patient and work together to get things in order in the future. The society will continue to work and engage the MCOs and the MOH in this matter and hopefully we can look to a better future in terms of renumeration.
Education and awareness in our specialty has always been something close to my heart and it was with great pleasure to inform our members of our successful ENT Updates / Forum for GPs which were done in Melaka, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Johor Bahru and Miri. I have to thank our members in these areas who helped organise and run the events. It was hugely successful and well received and it is hoped that this can become a regular event on our annual calendar. The health camp this year was done differently as we chose a venue not in a distant far off place but rather in the administrative capital of the country. The target group were urbanites and as suspected all the while it looks like the urbanites are truly less healthy, unaware and totally ignorant about healthcare issues. This is a very scary prospect as it shows that awareness and education of the masses is hugely lacking. This will have a negative impact on the development of the country and will further burden the healthcare system with rising costs in the future. We screened more then 300 patients and picked up more then half with ENT related problems the commonest being allergic rhinitis and sleep disordered breathing. We are well aware of the healthcare and financial burden these two diseases have. In the future we may need a relook at the running of our annual health camp and move towards incorporating health awareness campaigns as well as screening in coming years.
Another important milestone that was done during the past year is to streamline all the subcommittees and to come up with terms of references for these subcommittees and it is hoped that more members will become involved in the the activities of these subcommittees in the future. Among the important ones are the Subcommittees on the Fee Schedule, Research Grant, Sleep Advisory Committee, College of ORL Formation and the National Specialist Registry. As a strong and unified body we are becoming more independent and are being engaged directly by the Ministry on matters relating to our specialty. This is something that needs to be maintained with the changing healthcare environment and the upcoming implementation of the Healthcare Act.
Furthermore with the looming possibility of training being expanded beyond the Masters Program with the alternate training pathway, it is important to integrate healthcare and provision of training using all available resources which includes the public, university and private specialists. This is where a unified umbrella body will be required to lead us into the future which is indeed exciting yet challenging.
Of course the culminating event under my leadership was the Asian Research Symposium in Rhinology and the annual general meeting which was a successful event. A special word of thanks goes to the organising committee for their tireless effort and sacrifice and a special mention must be made to Professor Prepagaran Narayanan who was the President of the ARSR and also to Dr Tang Ing Ping who as the scientific chairman I am totally indebted to for putting up a fantastic event. The cadaver demonstrations were done very well by both the international and local faculty.
The panel discussions and the debates were indeed lively and I am sure a lot were learned from these sessions. This event would not have been successful if not for the fantastic and unwavering support i had from our industry partners where a total of 46 companies had taken part in various capacities.
Last but not the least i have to convey my sincerest gratitude to my fellow committee members and to some non committee members who i have always fallen on for advise and guidance. A special mention here to Prof Dato Dr Lokman Saim, Dato Dr Kuljit Singh and Dr Yap Yoke Yeow. With this I bid a final farewell as President and I wish the current President Prof Dr Goh Bee See to take up the challenge to lead the society towards a new direction and to greater heights. As members we need to fully support the body that represents us and I urge all of you not to shy away from the challenges of running a professional body but to come together, stand united and support the committee in every way possible so that we can help you and serve you better for the betterment of the entire fraternity. Let’s go forth bravely and build our own future together.
Thank you!
Dr Jeevanan Jahendran
MSO HNS 2015 – 2016
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