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About College Of Otorhinolaryngology

The College of Otorhinolaryngologists previously known as The Malaysian Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head Neck Surgeons is about 25 years old and it has grown to strength of 280 members. An Executive Committee, which is elected every year, manages this society and it is lead by a President whose term would be for 1 year. The President is assisted by a President Elect and Past President. Activities of the society would be on continuous medical education [CME] for ENT surgeons, general practioners and allied health. Besides CMEs, this society annually conducts health camps in various parts of the country as service to our people. This enables our population in rural areas to enjoy the benefits of ENT treatment.

The society acts as the only voice for the ENT surgeons in Malaysia in forums with the government and other NGOs. International congresses and conferences are some of the core activities of this society and this has enhanced the image and relationship worldwide.